Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The design of the ICU bed discussed

The ICU bed or the bed which is used for keeping patients who are in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital is a really special kind of bed. These beds can be both mechanically as well as electronically operated. These beds make the job of taking care of the patient easier.

The patients who are on the CCU bed are usually those who are in a critical condition and require constant attention as well as care. Hence these beds are designed to take care of different parts of the patient’s body, such as back, knee etc.

Friday, January 30, 2015

The different dynamics of electronic beds described

Hospital beds
The electronic bed is a kind of bed which is mostly used in hospitals for patients who cannot sit properly or is suffering from conditions which require making constant changes to the posture of the person. The electric beds are recommended for people to move from one surface to another by making use of the changes which can be brought about in the height of the bed.

The delivery bed is the kind of bed, which can be controlled electronically and facilitate in bringing about the birth of a baby, by bringing about certain adjustments in the bed’s positions and heights.

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